"Design is like sex -
There is someone else involved and their needs are just as important as yours.."


Creating Passion

Passion for life is what makes life worth living. Beyond mere survival. Experiencing the best the world has to offer through all our senses. Firmly grounded on earth. In the moment. Creating new moments and changing the environment. Accepting everything as is. Loving what we do. When you love what you do, you are driven to do more, to go forth and create.

Creating through the elements of nature. Working with clay, feeling the cool earth. Crystals from within the earth with their healing properties. The fluidity of paint on canvas. Communicating a brand's vision, expressing its uniqueness. Implementing ideas to design to creation. Inspired by the source to believe. Believe and your dreams manifest to reality.

Our creativity flows into 4 categories:










Branding Aphrodisiac

We brand your product/service like its our own project, with passion and love. Sometimes a brand just needs that extra bit of love that expresses itself through good clear defined design. From London to Bangalore we know what works for our clients. So lets make love and bring the mojo back to your brand...


“Art is like
it's done for you
and you alone..”

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Creating Art

My art is predominantly a spiritual journey of my thoughts. My work therefore showcases this through the strength of the topic selected. I always try to blend into my art a soulful and loving sense of relation by using colour that represents an emotion or body. The coalition of my work is a portrait of my thoughts, the lessons I have learnt in life, my commitments and spiritual enlightenment. My work consists of a series of paintings; Contemporary Krishna, The flow and rhythm of Belly Dancers, Abstract roses, Islamic architecture and commissioned pieces.  

Loving the Earth

My creative journey started with the element earth, using clay to create one off pieces in London. My love for clay has continued here in Bangalore where I make commissioned pieces for homes or restaurants. Get in touch to get something original and custom made.  Most recently I have ventured into the magical mineral kingdom and found the most beautiful natural healing crystals to work with. I sell and make custom made jewellery according to what you need to balance or enhance your energy. Find out with a chakra analysis what suits you and what needs to be healed at present. Follow RedGreenBee Rocks on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on the latest crystals.    
We have got together with Merkabalife and launched our very own Rose body butter energised with the healing power of rose quartz. Each jar has its very own  rose quartz tumble energised with Reiki and moonlight. This body butter uses only the purest ingredients, Extra virgin oilve oil, 100% pure coconut oil, pure beeswax and rose oil. Nourish your skin with the high vibration of Rose quartz. Please contact us to get your very own Ocean in a Drop.           



love expressed
through Earth.


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