The art of Belly dancing

Inspired by the art of belly dancers and the love for the expression of a body, I want to show through these paintings the skill, motion, soul and strength of the dancers. Generally none of this is seen when such dancers are entertaining one, but my paintings aim to showcase the commitment of these dancers to their art.


The Krishna Series has been developed through my meditation. I have pictured each painting while meditating. And within this series I continue to work towards developing paintings that will portray my spiritual understanding of Life and God, eventually satisfying my commitment to God. I feel very passionate about all the paintings within this series; therefore decided to use oil as a medium of expression so as to exaggerate my emotional connection within the details of the body of each painting.  


Some of my commissioned pieces include paintings for Mr. PNC Menon (Chairman Emeritus of Sobha Developers) for his resident in Bangalore, Mr. Ravi Menon (Chairman of Sobha Developers) for his private office. Mr. Ramakrishna (Deputy Managing Director of Sobha Developers).


Each rose is painted using specific colours which form the body of the theme of the paintings. Impasto technique with acrylic is employed to give body and impose the message within each painting.


Islamic series for LSB, Lahore Business School, Lahore.  

mosque ceiling.jpg


My love for ceramics started at a very young age and I have continued making customised pieces for homes and restaurants.